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06 January 2023
My two Pentax 645Z bodies with the 2 lenses I use the most: 55mm f/2.8 & 90mm Macro f/2.8 This is article is merely my “script” pasted for the video review I did on my 8:45a YouTube channel. If you’d
06 January 2023
I’ve been producing photo and video shoots since high school and I’m about to turn 33 this year. If I had to sum up what is the most essential in my shoots, it would be timing. Photo by Icons8 Team
06 January 2023
In the midst of the pandemic, Canon and Sony announced the $3900 R5 and the $3500 A7S III respectively. Canon’s $3900 R5 45MP camera body can produced 8K videos (albeit in shorter recording periods) while Sony’s long awaited A7SIII $3500
06 January 2023
Yes, these are the retail prices for two digital cameras: Leica’s M9 rangefinder and Leica’s SL mirrorless camera. Leica M9 on top, Leica SL on the bottom. Both with my favorite strap from Gordy’s leather straps. Why so expensive you
06 January 2023
Photo by Marcin Kempa on Unsplash When you’re at the mall, have you ever been approached by someone from the kiosk who either has some beauty cream, sunglasses, or hot pack for you to try? If you have, you either
02 January 2023
I came across an older issue of PDN magazine and it covered Sekonic’s newer L-858D-U — their flagship multifunction light meter with truly all the bells and whistles. While I’ve never owned a Sekonic light meter, I have had my

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